What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern martial art which Master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), the Founder of Aikido, created after mastering the essence of traditional martial arts in Japan and further going through hard mental training.

In aikido, trainees do not compete with each other for the sake of competition of power. They keep training with each other, through practicing techniques which are created by such bodily movements as irimi and tenkan, and thereby try to develop themselves mentally and physically.

Aikido, strongly disapproving of the idea of competition, has no contest at all. It consistently encourages people to respect each other and, for that very reason, is to be considered as one of the best modern martial arts in the present age where harmony among people is strongly needed.

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The Hong Kong Aikido Association (HKAA) | 香港合氣道協會

The Hong Kong Aikido Association is recognized by Aikikai, Aikido World Headquarters Tokyo, Japan and is a founding member of the International Aikido Federation (IAF) and a member of the Asian Aikido Federation (AAF).

The Hong Kong Aikido Association is the oldest Aikido organization in Hong Kong.  We are passionate about Aikido.

The Association was established in 1971, with the aim of promoting the martial art of Aikido in Hong Kong.  It was incorporated in 1999 as the Hong Kong Aikido Association Limited and is served by volunteers and instructors.