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2022年日本秋祭in香港–魅力再發現 | 合氣道體驗和示範 (於2022年11月12日舉行) – 已圓滿結束


Four of our Association Instructors performed a demonstration of Aikido at the Koyukan Judo Club dojo in Wanchai on the afternoon of Saturday 12 November 2022. Demonstrating were Samson Li (uke Justin Marchant), Lawrence Leung (uke Jose Lau), Vincent Chui (uke Matthew Pappas) and Justin Marchant (uke Felicia Hee)

The demonstration was part of a “Come and Try” Aikido beginners’ class arranged by the HKAA at the Koyukan dojo. The event was part of the Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong – Rediscovering Nippon 2022 (2022年日本秋祭in香港魅力再發現) arranged and promoted by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.

The dojo is about 25 mats, so participation by HKAA members and visitors had to be limited. Instructor Justin Marchant conducted the class, and the audience all joined in. We did a warm-up, wrist exercises, tai sabaki, basic ushiro ukemi, shomenuchi kotegaeshi, ai hanmi nikkyo and suwari waza kokyu ho. This was followed by a warm down. Each audience member was able to practice with an Association member. The demonstration was after the class.

Association Chairman, Steve Kennedy, thanked all those attending and the HKAA members participating. He also thanked the Koyukan Judo Club for the use of their dojo, The Japan Universities Alumni Society Hong Kong (JUAS) for helping with the arrangements and publicity, and the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong for including this event in this year’s Japan Autumn Festival programme.

Members of the public who missed this event and are interested in learning more about aikido are invited come and watch any regular HKAA Aikido class and/or join the HKAA. Class times, locations and details of membership are published on this website.

Executive Committee
Nov 2022

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